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Applied Power Technologies is the Australia Pacific representative for the Siemens’ Power System Simulation (PSS®) stable of software applications.

Power system engineers face an ever-increasing landscape of challenges around power system planning and protection. These challenges include the increasing complexity of the power system with rapid growth and embedded generating systems. Adding to these challenges are those arising from the fundamental changes to system electrical characteristics introduced by the penetration of inverter-based generating systems.

The Siemen’s PSS® applications have long been regarded as the industry standard for power system analysis and are now leading the market for the simulation of protection systems in both the steady state and time domains. Offering sophisticated protection system modelling capabilities and comprehensive performance reviews these applications provide the tools required by today’s power system engineers.

Siemens PSS® Software

power systems software PSSE

 The industry standard for high-performance transmission planning simulation and analysis software providing the power industry benchmark for simulation results.

PSS®E is a power system simulation and analysis tool for power generation and transmission operations and planning. PSS®E has achieved “industry standard” status being one of the leading analytical tools for HV steady-state and dynamic analysis. It is used in over 145 countries around the world by utilities and consultants.

PSS®E provides the tools necessary to undertake the varied and complex analysis required by transmission planning and operations.

Key Software Benefits:

  • Provides studies to ensure grid reliability, security, compliance with regulations, and sound capital investment decisions.
  • Supports power generators with studies required to plan secure, reliable, and economically feasible investments in the power generation infrastructure.
  • Provides a full range of analysis functions across power transmission Planning / Operations and generation spaces, including power flow, advanced contingency analysis, steady-state voltage stability, short-circuit analysis, dynamics / transient stability simulation, optimal power flow, geomagnetically, induced currents (GIC), and load deliverability and generation deliverability.

Due to its widespread adoption and use by Australian Energy Market Operators (AEMO) and utilities across Australia, PSS®E based studies are usually an essential component of grid connection studies for registered generators. Results from PSS®E based studies are commonly used in assessing the performance standards of grid-scale generation for connection to the national grid.

PSS®E can be customised and automated

Through PSS®E API, it can easily exchange data and models to provide a high level of interoperability with other industry tools to maximise investment returns.

power systems software CAPE

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Extending protection system design and analysis beyond the constraints of existing methodologies.

PSS® CAPE is optimised to meet the needs of today’s power system protection engineers. It offers unprecedented capabilities in its detailed modelling of protection systems and performance analysis in the steady-state and dynamic domains.

Detailed relay models capture internal and external supervision elements, manufacturer-specific comparator equations and internal logic systems, e.g. phase selection, phase / ground-distance comparator equations. Detailed busbar arrangements represented in the network model allow for the exact placement of instrument transformers and summation expressions. Using actual relay tap settings rather than interpretations in generic relay representations in the analysis replicates the actual relays’ performance.

PSS® CAPE finds problems and can help examine alternative solutions

Using a time stepped simulation engine, the response of the protection system as a whole throughout each stage of the fault clearing cycle is analysed. Leveraging off this methodology to automate studies, the software can efficiently undertake comprehensive assessments of the protection performance across wide areas of network.

PSS CAPE can undertake an analysis of several related dimensions to ensure line and generator loadability limits, voltage and frequency boundaries, stability under load, and generator control systems coordination.

Integrates with PSS® E

The integration of this protection model and analysis engine with Siemens PSS®E dynamic simulator allows for the analysis of protection systems’ responses to power systems dynamic behaviour following system disturbances, testing of Remedial Action Schemes and post mortem analysis.

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Power Systems Software Sincal

Comprehensive Simulation Software for the Analysis and Planning of electricity transmission and distribution networks.

PSS® SINCAL offers a wide variety of analysis functions for the planning, design and operation of power systems. Suitable for transmission, distribution, industrial, rail, and renewables / distributed energy systems, it allows for the simulation and study of power quality, frequency stability, distributed generation interconnection, protection coordination, restoration of supply, economic driven design decisions, and more.

With capabilities developed and optimised over 50 years, its fast and accurate simulation engine delivers proven high-performance levels across multiple power engineering disciplines through a standardised interface and common data repository.

Similar to PSS®CAPE, the protection system performance in PSS®SINCAL is assessed by simulation, considering the combined ‘system’ response of all primary and backup protection relays in the study network. The high degree of automation employed enables the efficient assessment of many fault scenarios and complex system conditions. Results can be aggregated for complete network regions or detailed for individual power system components or protection relays.

The state of the art approach evident in the protection analysis is indicative of the design philosophy that underlies PSS®SINCAL analysis tools.

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Large scale data/model exchange and change management across multiple internal and external domains to provide a consolidated “single source of truth” for model data.

Model Management Module PSS®ODMS

Power Systems software ODMSProvides a centralised network model management system to provide a single location to coordinate and manage network modelling information. It allows transmission companies to store, manage, visualise, synchronise centrally, and exchange their network model data across multiple domains (e.g. grid operations, network planning etc.), systems, entities, and time horizons.

Based on the industry-approved open CIM standards, it works on platforms such as Microsoft® SQL Server and Oracle. It provides automated case creation for network operations/planning studies and supports real-time situational awareness (including state estimation, integration with SCADA and measurement data.

Project Modeling and Data Management PSS® MOD

Power Systems Software MODS

PSS® MOD  is a secure, web-based application and central data repository that allow users to submit, view, validate and audit planning model data. Including time-bound network changes organised as multiphase projects.

It coordinates the submission of network model data from local and/or remote users. It provides access to complete study cases “on-demand”, thus providing a solution for large scale online data/model exchange and change management.

Providing you with the tools required by today’s protection, planning and operations engineers

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